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Manage your entire wardrobe needs in Notion

Take control of your clothes, create outfits, refine your style, build a capsule wardrobe, plan what to wear weeks in advance and more.

Always know what you have in your wardrobe

Always know what you have in your wardrobe

With this Notion wardrobe template, it is easy to see everything you own. Even packed-away seasonal clothes are accessible to you at the snap of your fingers, on desktop or mobile.

Add all your items, and get a full picture of your closet, like never before.

Always know what you have in your wardrobe

Create outfit ideas for when you lack inspiration

Create outfit ideas for when you lack inspiration

Use the template's outfits planner tool to create outfit recipes for any occasion. Add your outfits, categorize them, and see them magically grouped in logical sections.

Getting dressed for a city break or black tie event is simple when you have already done the work.

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Create outfit ideas for when you lack inspiration

Build capsule wardrobe & save money

Save money

Use the planner's wish-list feature to plan your future purchases. See the items you want right next to what you already have, save money by making informed decisions, and build a capsule wardrobe that is unique to you.

Save money

Keep your wardrobe clutter-free

Keep your wardrobe clutter-free

As you add clothes and outfits to the planner, you will quickly see which items you never use.

By automatically showing you which things you could sell or donate, The Ultimate Wardrobe Planner will help you to keep your wardrobe tidy and organized, wich is the key component when building capsule wardrobe.

Keep your wardrobe clutter-free

Master holiday packing

Master holiday packing

If you have ever struggled to pack the right amount of clothes for holidays, you will undoubtedly appreciate this extra feature The Ultimate Wardrobe planner has.

Once you have outfits added to the planner, use the outfits planner feature to get a clear image of what you need to pack for your upcoming trip. Tag your outfits for the trip, and this Notion planner will automatically generate the packing list. Just like that!

Master holiday packing

And finally, always feel confident in how you look

And finally, always feel confident in how you look

We all feel blah sometimes. Use the Ultimate Wardrobe Planner to take overthinking out of the equation and look your best even when you are not feeling so hot.

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And finally, always feel confident in how you look

The Ultimate Wardrobe Planner includes:

  1. Wardrobe catalogue

    A single place to archive all your clothes, accessories, shoes and more

  2. Outfits catalogue

    One place to store all your outfit ideas for any occasion

  3. Seasonal wardrobe planner

    A tool for planning your capsule wardrobe for each season.

  4. Outfits scheduler

    A tool for scheduling outfits for single or multiple days.

  5. Holiday packing list

    An automated Notion packing list showing you the list of items you need to take with yourself for the trip.

  6. Wishlist

    Database for the things you consider buying.

  7. Sell-list

    An automated wardrobe space wasters list.

  8. How-to guide

    A very comprehensive documentation with video examples on how to set the dashboard up.

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“Purchasing this Notion template was one of the best things I did this year for my wardrobe and style!” — Lisa, purchased via YouTube

The ultimate wardrobe planner for Notion

What you'll be able to do:

  • Improve your style
  • Create your wardrobe catalogue
  • Build capsule wardrobe for all seasons
  • Create outfits inspiration board from your own clothes
  • Schedule outfits for single or multiple days
  • And more...
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